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Christine D'Clario

Format: CD

A major new voice in the praise & worship movement, Christine D'Clario's unique, passionate, & bi-lingual prowess is full of conviction. The Dove Award and Premios Arpa nominee is likened to Kim Walker-Smith (Jesus Culture) and multiple Dove Award winner Natalie Grant, Christine's powerhouse vocals on her new 10 song release "Deeper" compels the listener to soar high, wide and deep in their pursuit of a faithful God.


  1. Reign
  2. Magnified
  3. Pursuit
  4. Anchor (On This Journey)
  5. Faithfulnes/Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  6. Holy (It's The Name)
  7. Arise
  8. Who Is Like The Father
  9. Father Of Mine
  10. Your Presence Is Heaven


UPC: 000768511527
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