Counting on God

Counting on God

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New Life Worship

Format: CD

Over the last two years, the 12,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs has experienced tremendous trials and testing through scandal and terror, but their faith has proven strong. Counting On God, New Life Worship's latest release, chronicles their journey with songs of hope, trust and deliverance that will provide a deep river of worship for the entire Body of Christ. Join Ross Parsley, the Desperation Band, and New Life Church in this LIVE worship event as they declare that no matter the cost, they are Counting On God!


  1. Counting on God
  2. Solid Rock
  3. Mighty King of Love
  4. Glorified
  5. Savior
  6. Unfailing God
  7. I Will Stand
  8. Greater
  9. Worthy
  10. God Has Come
  11. Yahweh
  12. Overcome
  13. This Is My Story (Blessed Assurance)


UPC: 000768445723
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