Praise Jams, Volume 1

Praise Jams, Volume 1

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Club J

Format: CD

Modeled after popular teen programs like Radio Disney yet rooted in praise, Club J: Praise Jams Volume 1 is a new dimension in worship for teens and 'tweens. This high-energy CD is full of contagious pop grooves and memorable praise songs that are impacting a new generation for Christ - 12 new recordings of top worship hits like "Open The Eyes Of My Heart," "Friend Of God," "Everyday," "My Best Friend," "Forever," "You Are Good" and "Let The Praises Ring." Plus three bonus trax are included for sing-along fun. Worshipers aged 8 to 14 and parents alike will love it - at home, in the car or at church. And for churches, teen services and VBS, a CD Trax is available. Save up to $5 on sets - add Shout Praise! Kids 3 and Shout To The Lord Kids 1 CDs and Trax!


  1. I Love to Be with You
  2. My Best Friend
  3. Every Move I Make
  4. You Are Good
  5. You Are My King
  6. God Is Great
  7. Open the Eyes of My Heart
  8. Everyday
  9. Forever
  10. Rooftops
  11. Let the Praises Ring
  12. Friend of God
  13. Open The Eyes Of My Heart (Club Trax)
  14. I Love To be With You (Club Trax)
  15. Let The Praises Ring (Club Trax)


UPC: 000768298824
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