Canta Al Señor

Canta Al Señor

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Shout Praises Kids

Format: CD

Shout Praises Kids! Canta Al Senor is a stellar collection of the best worship songs from the award winning Shout Praises Kids! series that has sold over 1 million albums. Shout Praises Kids! (SPK) has become the world's top selling kids worship brand for good reason. Every project is full of great music, lots of fun, and most importantly... real worship that the whole family can enjoy. Shout Praises Kids! Canta Al Senor features 15 kids worship classics including exciting new songs that truly make it a must-have collection. Kids are sure to love it... and parents will love it even more!


  1. Siempre Que Me Muevo Es En Ti
  2. Por Siempre
  3. No Dejaré
  4. Abre Mis Ojos
  5. Cambiaré Mis Tristezas
  6. Loco Por Mi Rey
  7. Bueno Eres Tú
  8. Confiaré Solo En Ti
  9. Canta al Señor
  10. Todo Es Posible
  11. Eres El Centro
  12. Admirable Es Nuestro Dios
  13. Eres Mi Todo
  14. Cantaré De Tu Amor Por Siempre
  15. Hoy Te Rindo Mi Ser
UPC: 000768621929