Bueno DVD

Bueno DVD

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Jacobo Ramos

Format: DVD

Jacobo Ramos presents his second release Bueno, a joyful worship experience filled with songs of hope and comfort for anyone facing difficult times. From melodies declaring God's faithfulness like "Tú Me Amas" (You Love Me), to the promises declared in "Los que Esperan" (Those Who Wait), you will soar with renewed strength as Bueno proclaims the unending goodness of God right now...and forever.


  1. Hosanna
  2. De Ti Será
  3. Tu Eres Rey
  4. Bueno
  5. Fuerza de Vida
  6. Yo Me Rindo
  7. Tú eres fiel
  8. Los Que Esperan
  9. Tu Me Amas
  10. Quédate
  11. Poderoso Dios
  12. Gloria a Dios


UPC: 000768425312