Behold Him

Behold Him

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Paul Baloche

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Dove Award winning songwriter Paul Baloche has given himself to equipping and training worship leaders to engage and encourage the church in worship. And as a local worship pastor, he has done this by example as well as teaching - - all while crafting songs that are sung by millions the world over. His new album,”Behold Him” is a testament to his journey and his passion for serving the local church. “Behold Him” is a studio project with congregational friendly arrangements. The title track features a duet with Kim Walker-Smith and will quickly become a staple in worship sets throughout the world! The project also features Kari Jobe, Leslie Jordan along with others. It is produced by Michael Rossback, Jason Ingram and Ben Cantelon. The album features co-writes with Matt Redman, Jason Ingram and Steven Furtick.



  1. What A Good God
  2. Nothing Like Your Love
  3. Behold Him (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
  4. I Am Thankful (Feat. Leslie Jordan)
  5. I Love You (Always)
  6. For The King
  7. Heaven Is Where You Are (Feat. Chris Brown)
  8. Marvelous Things (Feat. Kari Jobe)
  9. How Faithful
  10. A Million Years


UPC: 0000768728222
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