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Desperation Band

Format: CD

There's been no greater calling or privilege for Desperation Band than to lead others into God's presence. Whether at their home church (New Life in Colorado Springs, CO) or at worship events scattered around the globe, their songs are sung by congregators in many nations. This worship project was recorded live at the 2014 Desperation Conference with over 6,000 young people in attendance - all passionately worship the living God and proclaiming that He alone is their Banner (Jehovah Nissi). This is a timeless truth that older generations will appreciate and emerging generations need to hear.


  1. Future
  2. Banner
  3. On the Throne
  4. Make a Way
  5. We Are Yours
  6. Break Open
  7. Closer to Your Heart
  8. Fall Into You
  9. No One Else
  10. With All My Heart
  11. Multiply
  12. Fun


UPC: 000768574928
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