Back To The Start

Back To The Start

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Martin Smith

Format: CD

Martin Smith is best known as the foreman, co-founder and primary songwriter for the ground-breaking modern worship band Delirious?. After almost 20 years of spreading a new sound of worship with Delirious? Martin has recently experienced a reinvigorated season of living in community. And it is this new season that has birthed an all-new collection of songs that speak of personal revival. Back To The Start springs from a man refreshed and reconnected with Jesus and with his local Church body.


  1. Back To The Start
  2. Emmanuel
  3. Fire Never Sleeps
  4. Waiting Here For You (feat. Sarah Bird)
  5. You Are My Salvation
  6. Grace
  7. Only Got Eyes
  8. Great Is Your Faithfulness
  9. Redemption Day
  10. Awake My Soul
  11. Song of Solomon
  12. Shepherd Boy
  13. God's Great Dance Floor (feat. Elle-Anna Smith)
  14. Forever Yours


UPC: 000768629925
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