Visual Worship @Home Volume 6

Visual Worship @Home Volume 6

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Various Artists

Format: DVD

iWorship's Visual Worship @Home Volume 6 is perfect for your times of worship whether you are at home or on the go! Enhanced DVD contains inspiring lyric videos featuring the original master recordings of today's most popular worship songs. As a bonus, this value-priced collection contains MP3 music files of the same popular songs for playback on various mobile devices and computers.

This product contains the following songs:

  1. A New Hallelujah
  2. In Jesus' Name
  3. Messiah's Song
  4. Offering
  5. Here I Am To Worship
  6. Desert Song
  7. God Be Praised
  8. The Anthem
  9. God You Reign
  10. New Doxology


UPC: 000768567814
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