All the Earth

All the Earth

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Parachute Band

Format: CD

Recorded LIVE at the Parachute Music Festival with nearly 25,000 believers gathered in New Zealand, All The Earth delivers one of today's most powerful worship experiences. Featuring songs like "All the Earth", "To Live is Christ", "Everything that Has Breath" and "Shout," the passion of this new live album will lift 'all the earth' to their feet to worship and proclaim that Jesus is Lord. The Parachute Band has recorded 6 albums of worship songs from churches throughout New Zealand. Written by a number of different songwriters, these songs have spread from New Zealand's shores in the South Pacific, right across the world.


  1. All the Earth
  2. Complete
  3. Lord of the Heavens
  4. Jesus
  5. Hallelujah
  6. High Above
  7. Pure and Holy
  8. Shout
  9. O Come Let Us Adore Him [Parachute Arr]
  10. Everything That Has Breath
  11. All My Life
  12. To Live Is Christ
  13. Amazing
  14. All the Earth
  15. Complete
  16. Lord of the Heavens
  17. Jesus
  18. Hallelujah
  19. High Above
  20. Pure and Holy
  21. Shout
  22. O Come Let Us Adore Him [Parachute Arr]
  23. Everything That Has Breath
  24. All My Life
  25. To Live Is Christ
  26. Amazing
  27. All the Earth
  28. Complete
  29. Lord of the Heavens
  30. Jesus
  31. Hallelujah
  32. High Above
  33. Pure and Holy
  34. Shout
  35. O Come Let Us Adore Him [Parachute Arr]
  36. Everything That Has Breath
  37. All My Life
  38. To Live Is Christ
  39. Amazing
UPC: 000768347423