All for Love

All for Love

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Lenny LeBlanc

Format: CD

There's a new sound rising from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the birthplace of southern rock and country soul. Recorded LIVE at Faith Church in Florence/Muscle Shoals, All For Love features renowned worship artist Lenny LeBlanc with 12 fresh worship songs pouring out of a church that has been awakened and reclaiming the Muscle Shoals sound for the Kingdom of God. From the upbeat "Ascend" to the R&B sounds of "Walls Come Down" to the incredible "Make Way For The King," this album invites all who listen to experience revival.


  1. All for Love
  2. Holy
  3. I Can't Resist You
  4. Let It Be
  5. Make Way for the King
  6. Portrait of My King
  7. The Rain
  8. Walls Come Down
  9. Great Is Your Love
  10. Glory to Your Name
  11. Ascend
  12. Breathe on Me
  13. All for Love
  14. Holy
  15. I Can't Resist You
  16. Let It Be
  17. Make Way for the King
  18. Portrait of My King
  19. The Rain
  20. Walls Come Down
  21. Great Is Your Love
  22. Glory to Your Name
  23. Ascend
  24. Breathe on Me
  25. All for Love
  26. Holy
  27. I Can't Resist You
  28. Let It Be
  29. Make Way for the King
  30. Portrait of My King
  31. The Rain
  32. Walls Come Down
  33. Great Is Your Love
  34. Glory to Your Name
  35. Ascend
  36. Breathe on Me
  37. All for Love
  38. Holy
  39. I Can't Resist You
  40. Let It Be
  41. Make Way for the King
  42. Portrait of My King
  43. The Rain
  44. Walls Come Down
  45. Great Is Your Love
  46. Glory to Your Name
  47. Ascend
  48. Breathe on Me
UPC: 000768424728