Alive in South Africa

Alive in South Africa

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Israel Houghton & New Breed

Format: CD 2 Pack

Get ready for the thrilling follow-up to the Gold-selling album Live From Another Level as Israel & New Breed take you on an International journey of Worship! With no limits or boundaries this experience is the voyage of a lifetime. As Israel & New Breed minister to the masses globally, you'll experience the true heart of worship that beats within this group. You'll get caught up in an array of praise and worship songs such as "Not Forgotten", a song for the nations and "Favor of the Lord", a song of healing and deliverance. Get ready to feel the power of Worship first hand with this live experience! Be captured Alive in South Africa with Israel & New Breed.


Disc 1

  1. Intro
  2. Alive Overture
  3. Alive
  4. Favor of the Lord
  5. Favor of the Lord (Reprise)
  6. Turn It Around
  7. Not Forgotten
  8. Not Forgotten (Reprise)
  9. Not Forgotten (Slow Version)
  10. Take the Limits Off
  11. No Limits (Enlarge My Territory)
  12. Tudor Bismarck (Spoken Word)
  13. It's Raining
  14. Surely

Disc 2

  1. Intro
  2. Still Standing
  3. I Will
  4. African Skies (Instrumental)
  5. You've Been a Friend
  6. To Worship You I Live (Away)
  7. Worship Medley
  8. Alpha and Omega
  9. Intro by Jonathan Butler
  10. Come and Let Us Sing
  11. New Season
  12. Your Latter Will Be Greater
  13. You Are Good
  14. Again I Say Rejoice
  15. Friend of God
  16. He Knows My Name Bonus Cut)
  17. Not Forgotten (Radio Mix)


UPC: 000768364727
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