Alabanza Xtrema

Alabanza Xtrema

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Called to the purposes of God, full of courage and passion, young warriors who walk in love and truth, ready to spread HIS fame among the nations in their homes, schools and on the street. This is GEN-XA! The Generation of Extreme Praise (GENeracion Xtrema de Alabanza)


  1. Te Amamos Díos
  2. Levántate
  3. Libre Soy
  4. Es Díos Nuestro Díos
  5. Creador Y Rey
  6. Por La Sangre De Cristo
  7. Sobre Mí
  8. Gran Redentor
  9. No Me Avergüenzo
  10. Desde Lo Alto
  11. Me Haces Feliz
  12. Santo


UPC: 000768437322
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