Above All

Above All

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Lenny LeBlanc

Format: CD

Lenny LeBlanc has blessed us with such songs as "There Is None Like You" and "Praise Him." His new album, Above All, is written in the approachable style that he has become known for and contains the unique elements of the fiddle, penny whistle, mandolin, and upright bass. Recorded at Harvest Church (pastored by Greg Laurie) in Riverside, California, it focuses on songs to God. The touching sacrifice of "Above All" and the heartfelt dedication of "Love You Forever" will call you strongly to your faith and lead you to worship God.


  1. That's Why I'm Here
  2. What a Wonder
  3. You Are the One I Love
  4. Love You Forever
  5. Above All
  6. There Is None Like You
  7. Closer
  8. A Shadow in Your Light
  9. I Dance
  10. Rainbow Song
  11. Lord You Have My Heart
  12. I Believe


UPC: 000768148426
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