A Timeless Christmas

A Timeless Christmas

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Israel Houghton & New Breed

Format: CD

Israel & New Breed light up the most important season of the year with A Timeless Christmas. Their innovative style, fused with a classical element truly makes A Timeless Christmas an album to be treasured for years to come. Listen, as they capture the heart of the season with new soulful melodies and joy-filled Christmas favorites. Featuring the extraordinary new BONUS song "With Us", written as a reminder of God's promise to leave with his Son as our guide.


  1. Nutcracker Suite 1
  2. Everybody Knows
  3. Hark
  4. O Come
  5. Tidings (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
  6. Christmas Worship Medley
  7. Least Of These / Put A Little Love In Your Heart
  8. Nutcracker Suite 2
  9. By Christmas Day
  10. Nocturnal Mist
  11. Silent Nocturne
  12. Sonny Boy Christmas
  13. Go Tell It
  14. We Wish You A Timeless Christmas
  15. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  16. With Us (Oh Emmanuel)


UPC: 000768473122
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