A Resting Place

A Resting Place

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Ben & Noelle Kilgore

Format: CD


Tulsa, Oklahoma worship leaders Ben & Noelle Kilgore approach worship with a vulnerable honesty and passion to see others experience God’s peace and transformative presence. Noelle, an alum of ORU and Ben, an alum of Oklahoma Baptist University, now serve at Cornerstone Church, a United Methodist Church community. The Kilgores’ journey, including the heartbreak of infertility, joys of adoption and a miracle of healing for their child, have helped shape their ministry and their songs.

“Our story plays out in our music,” says Noelle. “We’ve had to trust God in ways that we never thought possible and we’ve discovered that it’s okay to be desperate, it’s okay to worship in the brokenness.” Ben & Noelle share their songs – a mix of modern psalms, laments and hymns co-written with David Leonard (All Sons & Daughters) – on the debut EP, A Resting Place, available through The Creak Music/Integrity Music.



  1. Grace, Grace (featuring David Leonard)
  2. He Made Me, He Loves
  3. Abiding
  4. Oh My Soul
  5. Love Conquers All
  6. Draw Me Close


UPC: 0000768718728
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