A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays

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Bishop Paul S. Morton & The Full Gospel Ministry Of Worship

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Since 1994, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International has grown to be one of the largest African American church organizations in the world, while birthing notable Gospel Music greats such as Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Bishop William Murphy III, VaShawn Mitchell and J.J. Hairston to name a few. With previous chart topping releases, Bishop Paul S. Morton & The Full Gospel Ministry Of Worship have shaped the sound of praise & worship in churches for the last decade. The new album, ‘A MONTH OF SUNDAYS’ was produced by J.J. Hairston and hit producer Vaughan Phoenix, and there is no doubt that songs such as “Song Of Consecration” (feat. Bishop Paul S. Morton) and “Glory To Jesus” (feat. Bishop William Murphy III), “Jesus” (feat. Vernon Byrd) along with the radio single “Release The Rain” (feat. Chris House & Eugene Brown) will be at the forefront of fostering an even greater representation of praise & worship in churches worldwide.



  1. Live Full (feat. Kierre Bjorn)
  2. It's My Season (feat. J.J. Hairston & Qualesia Bullard)
  3. Release The Rain (feat. Chris House & Eugene Brown)
  4. Release The Rain [Reprise} (feat. Chris House & Eugene Brown)
  5. Just Like You (feat. Vaughan Phoenix)
  6. He Lives (feat. Donisha Ballard)
  7. Glory To Jesus (feat. Bishop William Murphy III)
  8. Jesus (feat. Vernon Byrd)
  9. In Your Favor (feat. Bishop Brian Pierce)
  10. Sovereign God (feat. Greg Kirkland & Sherri Jones Moffett)
  11. Visitation (feat. VaShawn Mitchel & Bishop Lester Love)
  12. Praise Your Way Through (feat. Bishop Joseph Walker & Bishop Paul S. Morton)
  13. Son Of Consecration (feat. Bishop Paul S. Morton)
UPC: 0000768719824
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