A Deeper Level

A Deeper Level

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Israel & New Breed, Israel Houghton

Format: CD

Israel and New Breed have taken you to Another Level and on an international journey of worship with Alive In South Africa. Now get ready for the highly anticipated release, A Deeper Level. This recording was captured during three nights of intimate worship at the annual A Deeper Level Conference in Houston, TX. In preparation for this release Israel and New Breed fasted 40 days petitioning the Lord to give everyone who hears this project a heart to go deeper in worship that leads to acts of compassion and justice. A Deeper Level is packed with energetic tunes like Say So and We Have Overcome plus the poignant ballads If Not For Your Grace and Deeper. This release also features special guest appearances by award winning artists and is produced by Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey.


  1. Say So
  2. With Long Life
  3. Prayers of the Righteous
  4. Identity
  5. Surely Surely
  6. If Not for Your Grace
  7. I Will Search
  8. I Know Who I Am
  9. You Are Not Forgotten
  10. We Have Overcome
  11. So Come
  12. Overcomerture
  13. Deeper
  14. Say So
  15. With Long Life
  16. Prayers of the Righteous
  17. Identity
  18. Surely Surely
  19. If Not for Your Grace
  20. I Will Search
  21. I Know Who I Am
  22. Deeper
  23. You Are Not Forgotten
  24. We Have Overcome
  25. So Come
  26. Say So
  27. With Long Life
  28. Prayers of the Righteous
  29. Identity
  30. Surely Surely
  31. If Not for Your Grace
  32. I Will Search
  33. I Know Who I Am
  34. Deeper
  35. You Are Not Forgotten
  36. We Have Overcome
  37. So Come
  38. Overcomerture
UPC: 000768422021