51 Must Have Kids Worship Songs

51 Must Have Kids Worship Songs

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Various Artists

Format: CD 2 Pack

51 Must Have Kids Worship Songs features 51 top kids worship songs including "Deep And Wide", "Change My Heart O God", "I Exalt Thee", "J-E-S-U-S", and "Jesus Name Above All Names" to lead your children's ministry into worship.


Disc 1

  1. Righteousness, Peace, Joy
  2. Deep and Wide
  3. Knock on Heaven's Door
  4. He Is the King of Kings
  5. Be Like a Tree
  6. Arise and Sing
  7. Seven Times a Day
  8. The Name of the Lord
  9. I've Got the Joy
  10. All Day
  11. As High as the Heavens
  12. Firm Foundation
  13. I Exalt Thee
  14. In Him We Live
  15. I Love to Be in Your Presence
  16. Sing Unto the Lord
  17. Make a Joyful Noise
  18. Arise Shine
  19. Jesus Sees
  20. J-E-S-U-S
  21. The Path of the Righteous
  22. Speak to One Another
  23. Blessed Be the Rock
  24. Blessed Be the Lord
  25. I Am a New Creation
  26. I Will Sing to the Lord Forever

Disc 2

  1. Let Everything That Has Breath
  2. Rejoice, Rejoice
  3. Better with You
  4. From the Morning
  5. Let God Arise
  6. What a Mighty God We Serve
  7. Higher
  8. Make a Joyful Melody
  9. His Banner over Me
  10. Sing for Joy
  11. Let Everybody Praise the Lord
  12. Fruit of the Spirit
  13. Trust in the Lord
  14. With All My Heart
  15. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
  16. Sing for Joy in the Lord
  17. Stand Up
  18. I Belong to a Mighty God
  19. Shine
  20. I Will Bless Thee O Lord
  21. Jesus, Name Above All Names
  22. Praise Him, Praise Him All Ye Little Children
  23. God Is My Refuge
  24. I Will Rejoice
  25. I Was Made to Praise You


UPC: 000768429327