The Worship Series: Instructional DVD Bundle

The Worship Series: Instructional DVD Bundle

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Paul Baloche

Format: DVD

Spend a few hours up close with one of the church's most trusted songwriters. Paul Baloche has written hundreds of worship songs for the local church that have had a global impact like "Open the Eyes of my Heart", "Above All", "Hosanna", and "Your Name". Get inside the heart and mind of a worship pastor of twenty years who sees songwriting as a service to the church at large.

This Worship Series Instructional DVD Bundle includes 3 DVD's:
Worship Band Workshop: Roadmap to a Skilled Team
Leading Worship: Pastoring People and Developing Skill
Songwriting: The Journey of a Song

With over 6 hours of in-depth instruction, these teachings will inspire you and your team to take on the challenge of becoming "trained and skilled in music for the Lord" (Chron. 25:7). With guest appearances by Kari Jobe, Jared Anderson, and Shannon Wexelberg.


UPC: 000768513019
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