Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man

Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man

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Sovereign Grace Music

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How can we get to God?

This question, divinely woven into every living soul, finds its echo in Scripture. There we see that God wants an intimate relationship with his people—to live with them. Yet the presence of this holy God is a consuming fire, so we, in our sinfulness, cannot dwell there.

Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man is an exaltation of the One who resolved that dilemma through the miracle of the Incarnation. The baby in a manger is God himself, the Savior who came to bear our sins and reconcile us to the Father.

Savior contains twelve truth-saturated songs, suitable for worshiping God year-round. Each song ponders and celebrates the reason for Christ’s coming.

God has sent His greatest treasure 
Shown His love in greatest measure 
Sending Christ to bleed and suffer 
Purchasing our joy forever 
Let the earth rejoice!

Join us as we celebrate the birth of the One who brings forgiveness to sinners.


  1. Christ the Lord Is Born Today
  2. Hope Has Come
  3. Emmanuel, Emmanuel
  4. How Sweet the Day
  5. Salvation Is Born
  6. Glory Be to God
  7. Rejoice
  8. We Will Seek You
  9. Glory to God in the Highest
  10. Wonderful Counselor
  11. The Son of God Came Down
  12. Sleep, Jesus, Sleep


UPC: 636661001829
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