Word of God Speak: Illuminate

Word of God Speak: Illuminate

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In today's hectic world, we could all use an easy way to plant scripture in our hearts. When God speaks through the Bible, hearts are touched and lives are transformed. Produced by Nathan Nockels (Watermark, Passion, Phillips, Craig & Dean), Word Of God Speak is a collection of exact word-for-word scriptures perfectly coupled with modern worship music that is extremely relevant to a wide range of consumers. The power of God's inspired word is contained in each and every song and the promises of the scriptures come alive as the Word Of God speaks to each of us.

3 CD's are available: Hope, Illuminate, and Shelter.


  1. Trust In The Lord
  2. The Lord Will Perfect
  3. Heal Me O Lord
  4. Call To Me
  5. Together For Good
  6. For I Know The Plans
  7. The Way You Should Go
  8. The Lord Directs His Steps
  9. Who Teaches You To Profit
  10. Lead Me To The Rock
  11. Ask Seek Knock
  12. Show Me Your Ways


UPC: 000768397527
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