Ultimate Collection: Don Moen

Ultimate Collection: Don Moen

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Don Moen

Format: CD

Dove Award winning writer and worship leader, Don Moen, has helped shaped the sound of modern worship around the world. The Don Moen Ultimate Collection includes the best songs from his previous works that have sold over 5 million units. It is a must have collection that spans his work from Give Thanks (Gold Selling) to his more recent classics. Simple, elegant, honest and classic.... This Ultimate Collection is truly Don Moen at his best!


  1. Thank You Lord
  2. God Is Good All The Time
  3. God Will Make A Way
  4. Here We Are
  5. I Just Want To Be Where You Are
  6. He Never Sleeps
  7. Mi Corazon
  8. I Offer My Life
  9. Great Is Your Mercy
  10. Give Thanks
  11. Worthy You Are Worthy
  12. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
  13. I Am The God That Healeth Thee
  14. I Will Sing


UPC: 000768515723
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