Revival in Belfast

Revival in Belfast

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Robin Mark

Format: CD

The lush blending of uilllean pipes, pennywhistle and a multi-national worship band will draw your ear, but it's the power and intense honesty of Irish-born worship leader Robin Mark, author of "Days Of Elijah," that will draw your heart. It's Revival in Belfast, but you can have revival wherever you live.


  1. Garments Of Praise
  2. Shout To The North
  3. Revival
  4. You're The Lion Of Judah
  5. With All Faith
  6. How Great Are You Lord
  7. There Is No Other Name
  8. Jesus, All For Jesus
  9. When It's All Been Said And Done
  10. Be Unto Your Name
  11. Days Of Elijah


UPC: 000768140628
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