A Night of Extravagant Worship

A Night of Extravagant Worship

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Paul Wilbur

Format: CD

This powerful release features Paul Wilbur at his very best with new renditions of his finest songs including "Days of Elijah", "Praise Adonai", "Dance With Me", "Adonai" and more. Recorded live in Jacksonville, FL, it's a shining example of artistic worship that includes the spectacular music, dance and pageantry that Messianic worship is noted for. Both the CD and DVD truly are A Night of Extravagant Worship!


  1. Lord God of Abraham
  2. Adonai
  3. Adonai (Reprise)
  4. Out of Zion
  5. Baruch Adonai Shout of El Shaddai [Medley]
  6. No One Like Jehovah
  7. Praise Adonai
  8. Praise Adonai (Reprise)
  9. Holy Holy Holy
  10. Worthy
  11. A Resting Place
  12. Dance with Me
  13. Days of Elijah Kadosh [Medley]


UPC: 000768444726
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