We Still Believe

We Still Believe

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Kathryn Scott

Format: CD

"Where the King is, there is His kingdom and in His presence, there is power. I believe that as we lead worship, we are ushering people into God's presence and making room for them to encounter God in a powerful way. I also have begun to understand that the Lord is asking me to partner with Him in this process. We Still Believe chronicles this journey of faith. My deepest prayer is that as people listen to this album, they will feel the presence of the King and move into all that God has for them." --Kathryn Scott - Portstewart, Northern Ireland

This new LIVE album from Northern Ireland's Kathryn Scott features 11 songs of refreshment and encouragement. Two songs feature guest vocals by Integrity Music's Brian Doerksen. The following resources are also available: Split Tracks CD, Digital Songbook, Print Songbook and a Resource Kit (which includes the CD, Split Trax CD, Digital Songbook and We Still Believe Worship Tools).


  1. Let It Come
  2. You're Good
  3. I Believe in Jesus
  4. Deliverance
  5. Only by Grace (Featuring Brian Doerksen)
  6. Come Back Home (Featuring Brian Doerksen)
  7. Child of God
  8. We Still Believe
  9. There Is a Redeemer
  10. Presence
  11. Bonus - Hungry (Falling on My Knees) Live


UPC: 000768483329
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