Strong God CD+DVD

Strong God CD+DVD

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New Life Worship

Format: 1CD + 1DVD

New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO, is known for originating some of the biggest anthems being sung in the U.S. church, with songs like Overcome, Great I Am, I Am Free, Your Name, My Savior Lives, and many many more. New Life Worship continues their 20+ year legacy by bringing you their brand new 10 song live worship experience Strong God. In this new project, Worship Pastors Brad Parsley and Jon Egan (Desperation Band) set out to raise up the next generation of New Life songwriters/worship leaders, while collaborating with well- seasoned writers like Michael Farren, Jason Ingram, and Meredith Andrews. This resulted in Strong God a heart- stirring live worship experience with fresh voices and Christ- centered songs that encourage the body of Christ to stand up and proclaim that God alone is strong!


  1. Jesus Reigns (Featuring Jon Egan)
  2. All To Him (Featuring Cory Asbury)
  3. Victorious God (Featuring Brad Parsley)
  4. Strong God (Featuring Jon Egan)
  5. More Than Enough (Featuring Abby Merkel and Nico Perez)
  6. More Than Enough (Reprise)
  7. Ascribe (Featuring Cory Asbury)
  8. Unassailable (Featuring Jon Egan)
  9. Unassailable (Reprise)
  10. Who Compares (Featuring Brad Parsley)
  11. Love Divine (Featuring Rachael Kiehne and Jonathan Moos)
  12. Alive and Free (Featuring Brad Parsley)


UPC: 000768518298
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