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Paul Baloche

Format: CD

Glorieux is the second full-length French recording from Baloche, writer of such top-ranking CCLI songs as "Open The Eyes Of My Heart", "Above All", "Hosanna", "Your Name" and "The Same Love". The album follows his 2009 release Ouvre Les Yeux De Mon Coeur (Open The Eyes Of My Heart) and features a selection of songs from his critically acclaimed English language albums The Same Love and Glorious.

Baloche recorded Glorieux in Quebec and Lyon, France, working with local translators and worship leaders in each area to both acquire the best possible translations and to initiate a sense of community beyond borders. For Baloche, whose parents were French-Canadian by birth, both recordings are a way to honor his heritage while reaching out to the over 200 million French-speaking people around the world.



  1. Glorieux
  2. Tu Nous As Sauvés
  3. Tout Mon Espoir
  4. Roi Des Cieux
  5. Cet Amour
  6. Nous Sommes Sauves
  7. Par Le Don De La Croix
  8. Être Près De Toi
  9. Voici Le Jour
  10. Oh Seigneur
  11. Vois Donc Le Seigneur
  12. Règne En Moi
  13. Merci Pour La Croix
  14. Alléluia


UPC: 000768527726
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