Cutting Edge (Vinyl)

Cutting Edge (Vinyl)

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For the first time ever Delirious? have albums available on vinyl. We are making two vinyls available and these are Cutting Edge 1+2 and Cutting Edge 3+4. The Cutting Edge EP series was the start of what we now know as a world-changing and history-making journey for Delirious? which eventually led to them making real traction in the mainstream charts and opening up for Bon Jovi at Wembley Arena. The Cutting Edge songs were originally only written for an annual youth event in Littlehampton but the cassettes spread like wildfire and the songs took the nations by storm. The beautiful "Lord you have my heart" and the timeless “I could sing of your love Forever” released in 1994 but are still sung in churches across the globe in a variety of languages today. The Cutting Edge 3 (The Red tape) +4 (Cutting Edge Fore) vinyl includes songs like “Find Me in the River” and All I want is you”.


Vinyl 1

  1. Message Of The Cross
  2. Singers Song
  3. Lord You Have My Heart
  4. The Crucible For Silver
  5. Thank You For Saving Me
  6. The Happy Song
  7. Prophet Song
  8. King Of Love
  9. Lead Me
  10. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

Vinyl 2

  1. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
  2. I've Found Jesus
  3. Oh Lead Me
  4. I'm Not Ashamed
  5. Louder Than The Radio
  6. Find Me In The River
  7. When All Around Has Fallen
  8. Shout To The North
  9. Obsession


UPC: 0000768680704
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