Vivo Para Adorarte

Vivo Para Adorarte

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Eric Lopez

Format: CD

Eric Lopez is a fresh new voice on the Spanish Christian music scene as a song-writer, singer and producer. His music will take you to a higher level of adoration with songs that are birthed out of his life experiences. In these difficult times he anchors your faith to the faithfulness of God with great melodies and lyrics.


  1. Acércame
  2. Quiero Vivir Para Ti
  3. Digno
  4. Devuelveme El Gozo
  5. Eres Hermoso
  6. Derrama En Mi
  7. Tú Eres
  8. Acércame (Acústico)
  9. Worthy
  10. Calling Down
  11. Closer
  12. You Are


UPC: 000768461624
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