Trust / Confío

Trust / Confío

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Jaci Velasquez

Format: CD 2 Pack

This new album is a blend of pop with acoustic and electronic elements and is the first project in 5 years for this Dove Award winning artist with 16 No. 1 radio hits and 6 gold and platinum albums to her credit. The title reflects the album’s overarching theme that shines through worshipful songs like “God Who Moves The Mountains,” “Trust You,” “Rest” and “It’s Never As Dark As It Seems To Be.” It is a topic Jaci knows well as the mother of a young son facing the challenges of Autism.

Produced by David Leonard (All Sons & Daughters) and Chris Bevins (Salvador, Phillips Craig & Dean), Trust includes new songs penned by Jaci and her husband Nic Gonzales (Salvador) along with some of her favorites from writers including David Leonard, Martin Smith and Dove Award winner Michael Farren. A Billboard Latin Music Award winner with five Spanish albums to her credit, Jaci will simultaneously release a Spanish language version of Trust with both albums available globally to over 160 nations. Included in this special edition 2 CD package are both the English and Spanish version of this recording!

In addition to writing, recording and serving as an advocate for Autism awareness, Jaci is also a radio personality and hostess for music industry events including the SESAC Christian Music Awards and the Dove Awards. She is currently working on a book, a clothing line that raises support for Autism related causes, and she
will be featured in 2 Christian films releasing in 2017. In all this, and with her performances in churches around the world, Jaci’s passion is to serve God with the gifts He has given her.


Disc 1

  1. Trust You
  2. I Will Call
  3. God Who Moves The Mountains
  4. Great Is Your Faithfulness
  5. It's Never As Dark As It Seems To Be
  6. Great Are You Lord (Feat. Nic Gonzales)
  7. Lay It At The Cross
  8. Rest
  9. Praise The King
  10. Sound Of Your Kingdom

Disc 2

  1. Confío
  2. Clamaré
  3. Dios Que Mueve Montes
  4. Cuan Grande Fidelidad
  5. Nunca es tan mal como aparenta ser
  6. Grande eres Dios
  7. Llévalo a la cruz
  8. Descansaré
  9. Gloria al Rey
  10. Sonido de tu Reino


UPC: 0000768687529
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