Jesús En El Centro

Jesús En El Centro

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Israel & New Breed

Format: CD

Jesus at the Center is the first live recording in 5 years from Israel & New Breed since their critically acclaimed Grammy award-winning album, A Deeper Level. Recorded live with thousands of worshippers at Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, this 2-disc album with 17 Live Tracks and 3 studio singles sees Israel & New Breed return to their roots and deliver new modern day church anthems such as "Your Presence is Heaven", "Speechless", and the title track "Jesus At The Center".



  1. Jesús el Mismo
  2. Poder de tu Victoria (feat. Coalo Zamorano)
  3. No Hay Vuelta Atras (feat. Coalo Zamorano & Funky)
  4. Te Amo (feat. T-Bone)
  5. Nada me Faltara (feat. Lucia Parker)
  6. Te Llamo Cristo
  7. Jesús en el Centro
  8. No Hay Palabras (feat. Lucia Parker)
  9. Tu presencia es el Cielo
  10. Mas y Mas (feat. Danilo Montero)
  11. Medley: Hosanna / Te Seguire Siempre
  12. Jesús en el Centro (radio version)


UPC: 000768518724
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