iWorship Kids 4

iWorship Kids 4

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Various Artists

Format: CD

From the highly successful and best selling iWorship series comes the fourth release of worship songs for kids, iWorship Kids 4. Bursting with popular worship songs "Today Is The Day", "Say So", "Your Grace Is Enough", plus 12 more incredible songs kids love to worship to, this CD is a must have for kids and parents.



  1. Counting on God
  2. Today Is the Day
  3. Everyone (Praises)
  4. Your Grace Is Enough
  5. New Doxology
  6. You You Are God
  7. Rising
  8. God You Reign
  9. Say So
  10. Hosanna
  11. Everything to God
  12. Our God Saves
  13. Amazed
  14. Take My Life (A Song of Praise to You)
  15. The Rock


UPC: 000768478424
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