iWorship @Home Volume 1

iWorship @Home Volume 1

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Various Artists

Format: DVD

Now homes everywhere can experience the iWorship adventure that's brought a visual dimension to worshiping churches around the world. Each iWorship @Home DVD features 14 breathtaking videos, combining sight and sound to bring the world's best worship songs to life! With optional on-screen words and long play or select-by-song options, these DVDs are perfect for home groups, family gatherings and quiet times with God.


  1. Above All
  2. All Creation Worship You
  3. All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
  4. Come Now Is the Time to Worship
  5. God of Wonders
  6. He Has Made Me Glad
  7. How Great Thou Art
  8. I Can Only Imagine
  9. Open the Eyes of My Heart
  10. Shout to the Lord
  11. Trading My Sorrows
  12. Victory Chant
  13. We All Bow Down
  14. We Speak to Nations


UPC: 000768275917
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