Times of Refreshing

Times of Refreshing

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Stephen Hurd

Format: CD

A call was sent out to Worship leaders, Music Directors, Psalmists & Musicians from around the nation. On the evening of Friday, May 23rd 2008, an intimate group of three hundred met in the upper room of First Baptist of Glenarden in Landover, Maryland. United in heart and purpose, desperate for renewal, they cried out to God. The night was riveting, the effect impactful and the result: Times of Refreshing. Co-produced by Stellar Award nominee Stephen Hurd and Justin Savage, Times of Refreshing will renew your spirit and reinvigorate your congregational worship and personal devotions. 


  1. Let There Be
  2. The Prayer
  3. The Wind of God
  4. The Hymn Medley
  5. There s Power in His Name
  6. The Benediction
  7. Great Name
  8. Amazing
  9. The Water
  10. Medley: Above All/Lord I Lift Your Name
  11. Remix: I've Come to Clap / Glory Chant


UPC: 000768450529
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