Get ready: The Best of T.D. Jakes

Get ready: The Best of T.D. Jakes

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T.D. Jakes

Format: CD

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready for the best of T.D. Jakes! With four previously unreleased NEW songs such as "The Closer I Get to You/Draw Me Nearer" and "I Surrender All" and 13 favorites like "It Shall Be Done" and "Mercy Saw Me," Get Ready: The Best of T.D. Jakes is urban praise at its best. Taken from three great projects: Woman, Thou Art Loosed, Sacred Love Songs and Live From The Potter's House, it's filled with the passion and energy of one of the nation's top spiritual leaders.


  1. Majesty
  2. Mighty God Medley
  3. Let's Just Praise the Lord
  4. Give Thanks
  5. This Test Is Your Storm (Spoken Word)
  6. This Test Is Your Storm
  7. His Mercy Endureth (Spoken Word)
  8. His Mercy Endureth
  9. To Him Who Sits On The Throne
  10. Draw Me Nearer (Spoken Word)
  11. The Closer I Get to You / Draw Me Nearer
  12. I Surrender All
  13. Mercy Saw Me
  14. Taking It Back
  15. It Shall Be Done
  16. Woman, Thou Art Loosed (Spoken Word)
  17. The Lady, Her Lover, and Lord


UPC: 000768177525
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