A Thousand More

A Thousand More

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Thrive Worship

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Thrive Worship, led by Corbin Phillips, Peter Burton and Charmaine Wells, is the worship team for the multi-campus Bayside Church in northern California. Developed by renowned worship leader and Bayside Associate Pastor, Lincoln Brewster, Thrive writes original worship songs, tying in pop, rock, acoustic and electronic elements to serve its booming, multi-generational congregation and a network of affiliated churches. Now signed to Integrity Music, Thrive Worship is set to release their debut album, A Thousand More, filled with biblically-based, faith-building declarations of God’s character and promises.


  1. Breakthrough is Coming
  2. Ruins (Rebuild My Soul)
  3. A Thousand More
  4. Praise The Name (Ancient Doors)
  5. I Still Believe (You Are Faithful)
  6. Like No Other
  7. Greater Things
  8. Nothing Like Your Love
  9. The Reason
  10. What's Left To Be Afraid Of
  11. All The Days
UPC: 0000768711125
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