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Sovereign Grace Music

Format: CD

For centuries the book of Psalms has informed, directed, and inspired the worship of God’s people. Without minimizing the struggles of living in a fallen world, this book exudes a confident trust in the God who is good and rules over all. 

These twelve songs have emerged from those ancient poems and prayers. Our aim is to offer fresh interpretations of individual psalms, especially in light of the crucified and risen Savior to whom they point.


  1. You Will Never Change
  2. Praise the Lord
  3. God Is Our Refuge
  4. God Shall Arise
  5. Glorious and Mighty
  6. The Lord Is
  7. Greater Than We Can Imagine
  8. I Want to Be Where You Are
  9. Out of the Depths
  10. Taste and See
  11. Create in Me
  12. Blessed Is the One


UPC: 636661002420
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