Behold Our God

Behold Our God

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Shilo Church Choir & Sovereign Grace Music

Format: CD



On February 28th, 2019 Sovereign Grace Music teamed up with Shiloh Church in Jacksonville, FL. to record a live project with their 120 voice choir, led by Joe Pace.  It was the fruit of a shared passion for God's Word, the gospel, the local church, and vibrant congregational singing.  We hope you'll enjoy the fruit of our labors and join your voices with ours as we Behold Our God together.


  1. New And Living Way
  2. He Is Our God
  3. All I Have Is Christ
  4. Christ Be Exalted
  5. Almighty
  6. Worship You Forever
  7. The Gospel Song
  8. It's At The Cross
  9. I Will Sing Your Praise Alone
  10. O Great God
  11. Behold Our God
UPC: 0000768726921
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