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Sarah Kroger

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Catholic worship leader Sarah Kroger grew up in a musical home, following in the footsteps of her music minister parents while learning to lead others into an encounter with the heart of God. For the past eight years, she has been leading worship at events around the world, prayerfully drawing together people from a variety of cultures and church backgrounds under the banner of Jesus.

As an independent artist, she released two albums, Your Time (2011) and Hallelujah Is Our Song (2013) that include songs “In The Silence,” “Run To The Cross,” “The King Of Love My Shepherd Is” and “Hallelujah Is Our Song.” Newly signed to Integrity Music, Sarah now releases her third album, the highly-anticipated studio project, Bloom. The 13-track album, produced by Audrey Assad, features new songs from Sarah and guest writers including Assad and Matt Maher, along with guest performances from Assad, John Tibbs and Adam Agin.

Bloom takes personal declarations of God’s mercy and shapes them into universal messages of unfathomable love. Combining soaring, atmospheric melodies with Kroger’s sublime vocals, Bloom paints a moving portrait of purpose in the suffering and hope in the struggle.



  1. Bloom One
  2. For Us
  3. Highest
  4. Freedom In The Spirit (Feat. Adam Agin)
  5. Open
  6. Wildflower
  7. Pieces (Feat. Audrey Assad)
  8. When I See You
  9. This Is My Story (My Song) (Feat. John Tibbs)
  10. Overcome
  11. Take Heart
  12. Bloom Two
  13. When I See You (Live)
UPC: 0000768723821
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