Bless My Little Girl

Bless My Little Girl

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Kelly Willard

Format: CD

Gentle lullabies of love and blessing created especially for little girls. Whether it's sleepytime or playtime, these Gold Award-winning lullabies will nurture and soothe mother and baby throughout the day.


  1. Itty Bitty Baby Girl
  2. Peek-A-Boo-Baby
  3. Drip Drop
  4. Pretty Lady
  5. Lullabye Baby-O
  6. Faith, Hope, Love
  7. One Day
  8. Circle of God's Blessing
  9. Song of Dedication
  10. Bless My Daughter
  11. Goodnight to Today
  12. Share with Teddy Bear
  13. Goodnight World
  14. Daddy's Girl
  15. Time
  16. Train Up This Child
  17. Trust [Medley]
  18. Jesus Gentle Shepherd
  19. Lullabye Lullabye
  20. Dream Dream Dream


UPC: 000768046623
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