All Sons & Daughters

All Sons & Daughters

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All Sons & Daughters

Format: CD

All Sons & Daughters follow their Dove Award-nominated live album with their first all new, full length studio record All Sons & Daughters. This self-titled album is their most mature and innovative work to date, and unfiltered creativity is the common thread throughout the record. All Sons & Daughters has created a masterpiece that is distinctly different both sonically and lyrically from their previous releases, all while staying rooted in the organic sounds of worship for which they are known.


  1. You Will Remain
  2. Tonight
  3. God With Us
  4. Christ Be All Around Me
  5. For Your Glory & My Good
  6. King of Glory (You Restore My Soul)
  7. The Victory
  8. Great Are You Lord
  9. Almighty God (feat. Sandra McCracken)
  10. We Give You Thanks
  11. More Than Anything


UPC: 000768564820
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