51 Must Have Modern Worship Hits 2

51 Must Have Modern Worship Hits 2

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Various Artists

Format: CD 3 Pack

51 Must Have Modern Worship Hits 2 is jam packed with many of today's top modern worship songs sung in churches. This value priced 3-CD set is a must have for you or your worship team.


Disc 1

  1. Everlasting God
  2. Let the Praises Ring
  3. Holy Is the Lord
  4. Desert Song
  5. Mighty to Save
  6. Love the Lord
  7. How He Loves
  8. Hungry (Falling On My Knees)
  9. Healer
  10. Stronger
  11. Revelation Song
  12. You Are For Me
  13. Be Glorified
  14. Hear Us From Heaven
  15. In Christ Alone (My Hope Is Found) / Solid Rock
  16. Refiner's Fire

Disc 2

  1. Happy Day
  2. My Savior Lives
  3. Rising
  4. Came to My Rescue
  5. Just to Be With You
  6. Counting on God
  7. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  8. Glorified
  9. No Sweeter Name
  10. God is for Us
  11. From the Inside Out
  12. God You Reign
  13. Mercy
  14. A New Hallelujah
  15. At the Foot of the Cross (Ashes to Beauty)
  16. Here in Your Presence
  17. Jesus Paid It All

Disc 3

  1. Today is the Day
  2. Living for You
  3. Promises
  4. You, You Are God
  5. What Can I Do
  6. Whom Shall I Fear
  7. Glorified
  8. Glory to God Forever
  9. Majestic
  10. Living Rain
  11. Because of Your Love
  12. Glorious
  13. More Than Amazing
  14. Before the Throne of God Above
  15. One Way
  16. Be Still
  17. We Still Believe
  18. You Gave Your Life Away


UPC: 000768500729
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