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Christ For The Nations

Format: 1CD + 1DVD

This "37th" project from Christ for the Nations Institute marks the beginning for their first label partnership in the schools rich 41 year history. CFNI has given birth to business and global government leaders as well as worship leaders and artists like Russ Taff, Marty Nystrom (As the Deer), Kari Jobe, Thomas Walker, Walker Beach, Klaus Kuehn and David Moore (Gateway Worship), Nicole C. Mullen, Kevin Jonas (Jonas Brothers Father and Manager), Anna Paula (Brazil), Tommy Walker and many, many more. CFNI has graduated nearly 40,000 students in its history and currently 60 nations are represented at the school. CFNI has built over 12,600 churches around the world from proceeds from the ministry. CFNI has been, and will continue to be, fertile ground for worship leaders and songwriters who are saturated in its environment of passionate worship, prayer and bible study. Integrity Music is excited to join in harvesting this fertile ground for the Kingdom of God, blessing the Church with the songs and sounds of worship birthed in young hearts from around the world who come to Dallas to be trained and equipped for ministry.



  1. Show Me Your Heart
  2. Shout It Out
  3. You Are Good
  4. Be Thou My Passion
  5. Sovereign God
  6. He Is God
  7. Blood So Beautiful
  8. Most High
  9. My Heart Sings Worthy
  10. You Deserve The Highest Praise
  11. Already Won
  12. One Thing Remains (Higher Than The Mountains)


  1. Show Me Your Heart (Live)
  2. Be Thou My Passion (Live)
  3. Sovereign God (Live)
  4. Resting (Spontaneous)
  5. He Is God (Live)
  6. Blood So Beautiful (Live)
  7. So In Love (Spontaneous)
  8. Most High (Live)
  9. My Heart Sings Worthy (Live)
  10. You Deserve The Highest Praise (Live)
  11. One Thing Remains (Higher Than The Mountains)


UPC: 644928707087
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